Research & Assessments


Leverage nationally Steptoe Group’s past self-funded assessments at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC), National Naval Medical Center (NNMC), and Ft. Meade’s WTU– “Warrior-Patient Centric Healthcare Assessments (WPCHA)” to expand and continually evaluate, and develop Congressional, Department of Defense, and Veteran Affairs senior leadership reports and policy recommendations. It is anticipated that reports and recommendations shall provide the necessary real time data to more effectively inform decisions made on the mental and behavioral healthcare care services delivered to warriors, warrior families, and veterans. The WPCHA shall provide senior leadership with current healthcare service delivery best practices specifically focused on diverse populations in the areas multidisciplinary training, education, information management, research, and  communications platform. The WPCHA assessment platform shall better equip the Federal Government’s healthcare delivery system with a uniformed systemic evaluation platform for the conceptualization, design, research, development, and implementation of warrior-centric solutions needed to deliver and receive fair and equitable mental and behavioral healthcare management; thus improving mental and behavioral health outcomes.